Based on our proven Single Molecule Targeted Sequencing (SMTS) technology, GenoCare System identifies single molecular DNA/RNA signal directly. GenoCare System is the first single molecule sequencer built exclusively for the clinical research without PCR amplification and library construction.

  1. Flexible

    Adopting the TIRF technology, GenoCare single-molecule sequencer can load a flexible amount of samples. It does not require a full load in each flowcell running. Besides, each lane will not be affected by the base data of other lanes.

  2. Accurate——PCR Free

    In the sequencing, GenoCare single-molecule sequencer requires PCR Free, and it is able to directly capture the single-molecular fluorescence signals, thus improving accuracy by avoiding the unknown mispairing incurred by amplification.

  3. Low Requirement——As low as 10ng

    The GenoCare sequencer has a very low requirement on the samples to be detected, for it requires only a minimum of 10ng for detection and requires no amplification in preparing and processing samples. In addition, it also has an extremely low requirement on the quality of samples to be detected, for it is even able to acquire gene information from ancient fossil samples and FFPE samples.

  4. Simple——Fully automated

    The GenoCare sequencer has achieved the one-touch operation. The sample processing before the sequencing is very easy and simple. In the whole sequencing flow, manual operation is very little and easy.

  5. Fast——From sample to report only require one day

    GenoCare is a kind of single-molecule sequencer designed for clinical detection. It is able to complete the sequencing and analyzing within a very short time. The detection report can be presented within 24 hours after samples are provided.



  • RNA

    RNA sequencing is very important for studying the transcriptome expression. It is an important method of understanding the transcriptome and its function to monitor the different reactions of life body by analyzing the expression of transcriptome under different conditions. GenoCare can realize RNA single-molecule sequencing and even RNA direct sequencing, thus avoiding some errors caused by transcribing RNA into cDNA firstly to indirectly achieve RNA sequencing.

  • NIPT

    Presently, NIPT is more mature than other gene detection technologies in clinical application. GenoCare, through simple sample processing and rapid sequencing analysis, is able to present detection results within 24 hours.

  • PGD

    Only 10ng of DNA is needed by GenoCare, and PCR is not needed in sample processing and sequencing. Therefore, GenoCare has remarkable advantages in PGD detection.

  • ctDNA

    GenoCare targeted sequencing technology is very suitable for ctDNA detection due to its strong targeted capturing ability, small sample amount needed, high accuracy, simple operation steps and fast result presenting.