Jiankui He, Ph.D


Dr. Jiankui He earned his PhD degree in Physics at Rice University, supervised by Prof. Michael W. Deem. Dr. He was working on genome sequencing research during his postdoc training in the lab of Stephen Quake at Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University. Dr. He has multidisciplinary research background, such as in physical theory of network evolution, influenza virus, immune repertoire sequencing, single cell genomics and bioinformatics. Dr. He's work was published in several top journals, including Physics Review Letters, Science Translation Medicine and was highlighted in Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review, etc.


Dr. He is a sports fan and loves playing soccer. He is a big fan of Guangzhou Evergrade FC.

Qin Yan, Ph.D

Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Qin Yan received his Ph.D degree in Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation at University of Science and Technology of China. Dr. Yan was working on the research of motion control of robot and the design and optimization of mechatronic system. During the Ph.D, Dr. Yan started a new company and had been responsible for the research and development of the products, operation management and marketing management of the company. In the same time in the company after graduation, Dr. Yan worked in the Digital Intelligent Equipment Research Institute at Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Served as deputy director of the research institute. Dr. Yan is a committee of the IEEE bionic robot technology committee China branch and the communication evaluation experts of National Natural Science Foundation of China. With the working background of 10 years robot research and 6 years R&D of products, Dr. Yan have rich experience in optimum design of mechanism, intelligent servo control and system testing. Now Dr. Yan is responsible for the R&D of products, operation management and marketing.

In the spare time, Dr. Yan enjoys doing sports, especially loves playing basketball, expertising in Point Guard. Besides, Dr. Yan also likes playing badminton and ping pong.

Liangjin Ge, Ph.D


Dr. Ge is now Vice Present as well as Director of Operations of Direct Genomics. Dr. Ge earned dual degree of machinery and management from University of science and technology of China at 2006, soon afterwards, he was sent to take joint training doctoral degree in the electronic engineering department of University of Michigan in U.S sponsored by government. 2012, Dr. Ge joined as system engineer in Mindray, a biomedical electronics Co., LTD in Shenzhen after graduating from U.S, in charge of molecular diagnostic product development. At the same year, Dr. Ge got acquainted with Dr. He and other partners, who were just back from America with great ambitions, and they decided to create Direct Genomics after an in-depth market research on biotech development in China. Dr. Ge was selected as Shenzhen high-level overseas Talent in 2015 and plays an active role in building a highly efficient and cohesive team.

Zefei Jiang, System Design and Integration Expert

Vice General Manager& Director of Engineering

Master in Optical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology. Zefei has more than 8 years of medical devices R&D experience, and has filed many patents. He served in the key departments of Mindray –the biggest medical devices manufacturer in China and BGI –leading gene sequencing service company in China. Zefei has lead system design and integration for a lot of medical devices, including automatic biochemical analyzer, auto chemiluminescence immune analyzer and DNA sequencer. He is in charge of system design, integration and project management. With his efforts, the R&D at Direct Genomics will come to a new era.

Zhiliang Zhou Ph.D

Director of HR& Vice Director of Engineering

Dr. Zhiliang Zhou earned both BS and PhD in Instrumentation Science from University of Science & Technology of China. During his PhD program, Dr. Zhou also worked as an visiting research assistant in Xi’an Institute of Precision Optics & Mechanics and Academy of Opto-Electronics, both under Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). After that, Dr. Zhou worked as a full-time assistant research fellow in the Key Laboratory of Computational Optical Imaging, CAS, where he was leading the lab’s research on light field imaging and related areas. Under the support of National 863 Program, National Science Foundation of China and Innovation Fund of CAS, Dr. Zhou has developed a number of innovative computational imaging devices, including light field camera, snapshot spectral-polarimetric imager, super-high dynamic range telescope, etc. After joining Direct Genomics in 2015, Dr. Zhou is now in charge of the R&D of single molecule DNA sequencer.

Dr. Zhou has a wide range of interests in sports, particularly but not limited to soccer, table tennis, badminton. 

Luyang Zhao Ph.D

Director of Chemistry Department

B.S. with an honor degree from University of Science and Technology of China. Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from North Carolina State University. Dr. Luyang Zhao is an expert in super resolution optical imaging, including TIRF, confocal and STED. He did a lot work on single molecule fluorescent immunoassays, which results in publications on several top journals, such as Nano Letters, Analytical Chemistry, etc. Dr. Luyang Zhao is dedicated to applying single molecule imaging technique to clinical use. He came back to China and joint Direct Genomics as an associate director of chemistry,now is in charge of sequencing reagents R&D and project management. Dr. Luyang Zhao loves travelling and sports, he is on the starting line-ups of Direct Genomics basketball and soccer teams.